Salt Water

With careful design and attention to details, Stern’s have produced a semi-inground pool that is highly resistant to corrosion by replacing traditional metallic components with resin parts and adding extra protection to any metallic components that cannot be replaced. We have amade a pool that will work perfectly in any water situation.


  • Resin top coping replaces metal – rounded for safety and ribbed for grip. Fully UV treated for the Australia climate
  • Resin vertical posts replace metallic posts.
  • Fully UV-treated for the Australia climate.
  • Metallic components have been either plas-coated for electro-coated for added protection to the existing galvanic protection
  • Marine grade nuts and bolts – designed for saltwater use.
  • With a 20 year limited warranty against manufactured faults, this resin range of pools will give you years of summer fun.

Liner Colours

Every Stern’s Pool comes with a light or dark liner as standard but we also have a variety of premium printed liner options. All liners are made by Stern’s from true 0.5mm heavy duty material and backed by its own 10 year limited warranty.

Pool sizes and options

The resin frame pool comes in a large range of sizes and shapes from the space-saving 3m wide styles to the visually stunning keyhole shape, in both 1.2m and 1.37m wall heights. Structural deep ends are available ont eh majority of 1.37m wall height pools which could give you an extra 600mm of water depth. The resin pools have a sandstone coloured frame work but have the option of 2 different wall colours to choose from. For a full range of sizes and options please contact your nearest distributor.

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